Channel, Customer and Consumer Landscape Mapping

This learning capsule is designed for First/ Entry Level Sales Function Resources who are new to either your company or new to a sales role. This learning capsule is the first step in training a Sales Representative to understand the channels and customers that they will be selling to.


As a sales professional, your objective is to target and seize the right opportunities, control costs and maximize revenues. The key to achieve your objective is to map your sales journey (i.e., Customers and Channel) to leverage existing markets and widen scope to seek new markets. Effective Channel and Customer Mapping not only ensures growth and sustainable increase in profits but also helps in creating a win-win situation for you and your customers.

Learning Capsule Highlights

This learning capsule is designed to help you build a targeted sales territory plan for every customer segment using proven practices and industry insights. It will also help you build important customer relationships, and gain insights to develop and grow potential accounts. Key elements include:

  • Understanding the definition and differences between Channel, Customer and Consumer.
  • Understanding the various trade channels and customers by different segments.
  • Importance of your business to these channels/ customers.
  • How to create a journey plan.

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