Asbiverse Group delivers Capability Development for Kellogg’s leadership

We are pleased to have successfully delivered a Train the Trainer program for Kellogg’s leadership in Southeast Asia on driving Commercial Excellence. Our best wishes for a successful rollout to country teams.

Direczion proudly supports eLearning development for a leading learning and training agency in Canada

Direczion proudly supports eLearning development of more than 25 courses for a leading learning and training agency in Canada. We wish them a successful deployment with the client.

Asbiverse Group delivers Capability Development for Kellogg

Asbiverse Group delivers Capability Development for Kellogg

We are pleased to have successfully delivered a structured “Multi-Week” Virtual Capability Development Program for the Sales and Customer/ Shopper Marketing teams of Kellogg India. We are humbled and thankful for the kind feedback received and also congratulate Kellogg for an amazing team they have which helped make this program so successful.

Client Testimonial:

“Growing and developing our people is a key pillar of the Kellogg People Strategy. We are committed to invest in our teams to build functional capabilities – enabling us to win in traditional as well as alternate Go To Market channels. In line with our sales strategy of Winning in Alternate channels; we wanted to invest ahead of time to lead the charge in Modern Trade. Winning in Modern Trade is an attempt to partner with the MT channel team to build capability – enabling us to stay ahead of competition, serve customers’ effectively and drive performance indices. We decided to partner with Asbiverse Group to leverage their global footprint in the capability building space as well as their deep expertise in the Consumer Goods and Retail sector.

Ankur and team have done a splendid job of tailoring this virtual learning program to Kellogg’s needs and participant skill levels. As the Sales HR Partner, I have seen participants employ the concepts learnt- with great results. The Asbiverse Group team helped the participants discuss, debate and land on several takeaways they could apply to their current business situations. Ankur is refreshingly streetwise with a pragmatic business focus and based his coaching on actual sales and management experience. He is also an excellent facilitator and helped participants address many of their business situation challenges. We are impressed with Ankur’s sales coaching methodologies on sales approach, exposure to communication skills, sales fundamentals, etc. which has helped sharpen our team’s thinking.

Great work Team Asbiverse Group, keep building on ! “

– HR Leadership

FBA Course

“Financial Business Acumen” Virtual training for commercial teams

“If I can get my commercial teams to deliver just an extra 1% of margin, it would add millions to our bottom line”. said one of the Country directors. ” I know it is doable, if only my teams can get the tools and structure of how” he said. Well, that is exactly what we developed at Direczion. A ” Financial Business Acumen” course for commercial teams to help realise those pockets of extra value. The feedback says a lot about it and more information about the content can be viewed on

This course can now be delivered virtually as well by an expert trainer wherever in the world required.

If more information is required, please get in touch on

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Offer of Help & Support to other Training providers, Coaches and Consultancies

If you need to convert your offer into an eLearning solution to deliver it virtually to your clients, Direczion can help. We have a fantastic in-house eLearning development team who can support in multiple ways as required (please refer to the video). Even if you consider yourselves as our competition, we would love to help (with the right NDAs in place). Also in current times, if support is required on extended payment terms, hosting, other areas, we would be happy to help.

To discuss this further, please get in touch on

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“Virtual Assisted Learning” for Remote Teams – Educate, Engage, Enable and Inspire

With more and more teams working remotely at the moment, this could be an opportunity to help them reflect and strengthen their skills and knowledge. There could be areas of skill and knowledge development that have been on the back burner for some time due to other priorities, this might be the time to share that training through Virtual Assisted Learning delivered by expert trainers if self-paced eLearning might not be the right solution. This could include:

  1. Product and/or Services Training
  2. Company Values Training
  3. Functional Skill Development
  4. Behavior/Soft Skills Development
  5. Knowledge of Future Trends
  6. Any other

Direczion’s “Virtual Assisted Learning” service can provide this solution. The content behind a lot of Functional Competencies development can be viewed at

For more information, please get in touch on

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Building Skills and Productivity of staff working from home

Are more of your teams working from home now? Do you want to use this time to enhance their skills and productivity? Direczion might be able to help with our eLearning solutions. You can:

  1. Use readymade eLearning programs available from Direczion to enhance Sales, Marketing & Behavioral Skills
  2. Customised eLearning programs can be created and deployed within a short time period
  3. eLearning using regular videos from management to the wider workforce to ensure key messaging during enhanced periods of remote working can be enabled
  4. Virtual Assisted Learning where expert trainers on individual topics conduct virtual live training is also available
  5. To know more, please get in touch on

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Holistic Capability Development Framework

Direczion launches “Holistic Capability Development Framework” for Modern times

We are pleased to share the launch of Direczion’s “Holistic Capability Development Framework” designed to provide 360-degree capability for commercial teams in Consumer Goods and Services organisations. To address capability requirements in the changing market landscape, in addition to historic functional training, five new training segments have been added to provide a six-tier Capability Development approach which now includes:

  • Induction Training
  • Functional Training
  • Multi Functional Awareness of Impact
  • Being Future Ready
  • Triggers and Barriers to Success
  • Soft Skills

Direczion’s capability programs are now designed to be delivered through multiple methods. This will help provide multiple training time and budget options to clients. Programs can now be delivered through:

  • E-Learning
  • Virtual Assisted Learning
  • Classroom Training
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Gamification
  • Blended Learning
  • Customised Training

Please have a look at our new and refreshed website for more details. For any further information or to book a training program, please get in touch on

Direczion’s Holistic Capability Development Framework – Proposition Video

Ankur Shiv Bhandari, Asbiverse Group's MD

Global FMCG leadership receive customised 1 to 1 coaching from Ankur Shiv Bhandari, Asbiverse Group’s MD

Senior leadership of a leading Global FMCG brand got a One-to-One customised 2-day coaching session with Asbiverse Group’s MD Ankur Shiv Bhandari. The session was structured on Asbiverse Group’s proprietary “GAIN and WIN” methodology and also facilitated addressing of respective real market challenges faced by the delegates. We are delighted that the commercial leaders feel more energized, equipped and refreshed after the sessions and we are humbled by the great feedback received. Quite happy with once again delivering a capability development program with very high satisfaction score of 99%.

(Direczion supports organisations in achieving Retail and Distribution effectiveness through Capability building using it’s proprietary and trademark methodology “GAIN and WIN”. Customised programs as per individual requirements are also developed and delivered)

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The Shopper in Shorts Ep 6 – Shopper Focused Promotional Mechanics

In this episode, Ankur talks about the importance of promotions being linked to the Shopper behavior or to drive a particular Shopper behavior. The episode also touches upon the concept of promotional effectiveness driven through Shopper focus.

(Asbiverse Group is a Shopper focused “Sales & Marketing Support Company” catering to the Consumer Goods and Services sector. Asbiverse Group enables this through its 7 verticals of Capability Development, Assisted Advisory, Research, Dezign Services,  Analytics, IT Solutions and Digital Marketing providing Retail & Distribution effectiveness to its clients.)